We are specialist R&D Tax Consultants with hundreds of clients who use us year-on-year. We work with Accountants and other finance companies in order to provide benefits to our partners and to their clients. We could work together in order to assist your clients with R&D Tax Relief, providing them with financial rewards for their innovative efforts and helping to add value to your business services.
Many of your competitors may be offering R&D Tax Relief; by partnering with us you will be adding greater value to your current services.
  • You may not have the time or expertise to explore R&D Tax Relief for your clients
  • Working with an R&D Tax Specialist would allow your clients to benefit from the maximum allowable relief.
  • Improve your existing services and keep up with your competition by offering your clients the opportunity to earn tax relief through a trusted R&D Tax Relief partner.
  • We can improve your client’s cash-flow, which can help them to pay for accountancy fees
  • Help your clients grow as a company
  1. Get to know each other so we can discuss our services
  2. Engagement
  3. Continuous support and communication
  4. Added value for you and your clients
We recognise that some of our partners have different circumstances to others, so we offer two types of partnership, designed to cater to different needs. Call 03332400702 to find out more.

  1. Introduce your clients to us and we do the rest
  2. Be engaged in the process, providing us with all relevant documentation